Game summary:

Pavel Polakovic (coach): The result is devastating and just showing us the reality of the floorball in UK. We are far behind to be qualified to World Championship at this moment and we have a lot of work in front of us. It does not make any sense to comment our game. Slovenia was leader from first second till the end. It was very good school of floorball life for our players, I hope they have learnt a lot from this game and next time we will be stronger. Thank you Slovenia for fair play match and respectful behaviour to our very young team.

Lewis Hubbard (MVP of the match): We expected our game against Slovenia to be one of, if not the, toughest game. Slovenia are obviously more experienced than us and showed that perfectly on the rink, our team gained a lot of respect for them. For the youngest team in the tournament in my opinion I think we played well, especially to claim a couple of goals. We are glad we got the opportunity to play such a great team and are thankful for the experience.