Midlands League

The Midlands league is home to the current UKFF Champions, Peterborough Falcons, as well as many other teams ranging from Wakefield to Oxford, and from Gloucester to Norwich.


2016 has seen an exciting development for the Midlands league: we’ve moved to a new venue! For the past few years we’ve had the pleasure of playing at the @Futsal arena in Birmingham, but we’ve been extremely fortunate to move the league to St George’s Park, Burton-on-Trent, DE13 9PD – one of the FA training venues for the England Football Squad.

Season update

The Midlands League has seen another fantastic season go by. With a mixture of experience and youth, there’s been some superb floorball on display at the new venue in St George’s Park. The UKFF is pleased to announce the following 5 teams have qualified for the National Cup in June: United Cities of the Midlands, Cambridge Falcons, Cotswold Rhinos, Cotswold Scorpions, Wakefield Wolves.

Highlights of the season include Nottingham University’s massive improvement during the course of the season, where they went from losing 1-18 and 0-18 against Cambridge and UCM, to losing only 1-7 and 0-8. In the end, they won 2 games and got 7 points out of a tough first season for many of their players! Cotswold Scorpions also deserve applaud for qualifying for the National Cup in only their second year playing adult floorball. As a team of youth players, some of whom have international experience, they struggled to adapt to adult floorball last season but have really come back and shown their skills this season.

Congratulations to United Cities of the Midlands for a fantastic, unbeaten season – they are the well-deserved Midlands League Champions 2016-17!


The 2015/16 season saw the largest and most competitive Midlands league to date. With 15 teams participating, it was an extremely close season that saw Peterborough Falcons win the division, narrowly beating United Cities on goal difference.

Note: Scorpions, University of Warwick 1 and Mansfield Midlanders were unable to play their last fixture after a late venue cancellation. Therefore, all three teams were awarded two 5-0 victories.

The five Midlands teams to qualify for the Nationals Finals were: Peterborough Falcons, United Cities of the Midlands, Hereford Gauja, Cambridge and Rhinos, who finished 1st, 2nd, 9th, 8th and 6th respectively.


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