News from Men’s U19 team

New GB Men’s U19 coach. We asked him about his floorball career, about his vision for national team and other questions…

Pavel CoachUKFF: What is your floorball background?

Pavel: I have started with floorball when I was 12 years old as a goalkeeper in Havirov (the Czech Republic). I played many seasons in Havirov, Ostrava, Olomouc or Mlada Boleslav. During this period I focused also on coaching and have received floorball licence C and B. My trainer’s carrier started with youth teams in Olomouc and continues in junior Extra league in Mlada Boleslav. My last team before move to UK was men’s team Athletics Praha (Prague, the Czech Republic).

UKFF: What should be the strategy of U19 national team?

Pavel: I have prepared short and long term strategy which I presented to floorball federation in UK. Prepare team for September qualification is almost impossible and big challenge but I would like to choose the right players which want to play floorball and improve themselves long term. After qualification we have to start ordinary communicate with all teams in UK, prepare individual plans for players and have clear overview of all camps and tournaments minimum till September 2018 (next qualification). In September 2018 I would like to have stable and well prepared team to have better chance to qualify to group B.

UKFF: What is the goal for qualification and what is the expectation?

Pavel: As I said, we have to with my assistant choose the right players and think about them not only for this qualification but for another 2 years minimum. We can expect in Italy very tough games against Slovenia, Hungary, and Belgium. This will be definitely big experience for many players. From result point of view the third place in the group will be positive success but result is not the aim of the qualification.

UKFF: What about will be the first camps in July and August and what can players expect?

Pavel: Because the qualification is in September and we don’t have at this moment any defined U19 team I have decided to have two camps. July camp will be mainly to see how the players are prepared physically and technically. The second camp in August should me more focused on the tactical skills and strategy for Italy tournament.

Kaspars coachThe second coach of GB Men’s U19 team.

Kaspars Maksimovs is in his private life among others Personal Fitness Trainer and coach in Hastings Predators Floorball club.

Kaspars, Latvian nationality floorball player/coach comes to this team with 10+ years experience. Kaspars key role in our U19 squad will be to implement not only floorball game play but also his skills as strength and conditioning coach and make our players best they can be for international level floorball.

Experience gained by training athletes for various national and International levels he is happy to share with our team and get best possible workouts not only in the camps but to take home and work with drills to improve their individual skills.

UKFF: Kaspars, what is your vision for this U19 team:

Kaspars: My vision is simple, as we have such a young team to work with there is plenty of time to build a strong bond with the players and coaches so by time we can not be just good individual players but strong as a team to qualify for group B if not this time then definitely in future!

I am determined to give any skill needed to form best possible team with resources we have!