Game summary:

Pavel Polakovic (coach): Hungary is one of the favourite of our group A and we have expected very hard match. We concentrated on the defence and prepared the players for it. The first period showed that we can defence quite good much more experienced team and keep our strategy. Nevertheless the second periods will be our weakness. We stopped play our defensive game, starting to do big mistake and we could feel frustration and panic among players. During the second break trainers had to calm down the situation and explain the players once more how to keep our strategy. Third period was absolutely different. The players did not give up any ball, fight till the end and they deserved applause of the all fans from all teams watching our GB fighters. The result is horrible and devastating but as we said, the main purpose is to collect experience and learn something in every match to be prepared in two years. Congrats and thanks to Hungarian team, they played really well.

Rian McDonald (Hastings Predators): Today we played against Hungary, which was a really good experience for the whole team seeing as we haven’t faced such a strong team before. Both teams played really well, and Hungary really pushed GB to play the best floorball we have ever played.