Game summary:

Pavel Polakovic (coach): If we could expect some point from some match it was definitely against Belgium. Team which stayed with us in the same hotel came to Celano also collecting experience but with much more players in the team. We started very well and were winning 1:0 after first minutes. Nevertheless inexperience and emotions overwhelmed our teenage players. We had lost first period after silly mistakes 1:3. Next two periods were very equal and GB player showed that they have learned during the tournament a lot. We have been dangerous opponent for Belgium which was little older and more prepared. I would like to highlight especially amazing performance of Ryan Hipperson (goalkeeper) and Sam Drew (defender) which were the key players of this match.

We as trainers are really appreciated for this tournament for the experience and motivation for our player to work on our two year plan for the next qualification in 2018. It showed us the reality which is not nice and helpful. It depends on clubs in UK and players themselves if they work hard to be better and increase the level of GB floorball. The young players are our future and I hope our floorball federation will prioritize is on the first place.


Jody Swift (MVP of the match): For this game against Belgium we knew we had to play hard and stay tough on defence, and for most of the game we achieved that. We worked hard to get the ball up the pitch and  a few good goals came from that. The final result wasn’t the best, but we were all proud about how we played and all had fun.