Summary of the game:

Kaspars Maksimovs (coach): First game of the tournament done and team got plenty memories good and bad but all of them to learn from. We came and shocked Austrians with a quick counter attack goal in first minutes of the game which made all of our players feel really hyped up and as this was the first goal of the tournament we slightly lost the track of the field afterwards. Not listening to coaches orders and being slightly under pressure is something young players will always struggle with and make mistakes if they do not have enough experience from international games. In the end of the game players started showing significant improvement and we can see how much more potential they have our task is to find the best approach to utilize their strengths in the game! I can tell with every game we will play in this tournament we will only get better so coaches and the team are looking forward what this tournament brings to us.

Archie Goodman (captain): Starting rapidly with a goal that surprised Austria, today’s game was a loss in terms of the score, but a win in terms of experience and learning points gained. Everyone agrees that the team has worked hard and done their best, and we proved that we can still score a few goals against older and more experienced teams.